1) (in the company of; beside; among; including: I was walking with my father; Do they enjoy playing with each other?; He used to play football with the Arsenal team; Put this book with the others.) com
2) (by means of; using: Mend it with this glue; Cut it with a knife.) com
3) (used in expressing the idea of filling, covering etc: Fill this jug with milk; He was covered with mud.) de
4) (used in describing conflict: They quarrelled with each other; He fought with my brother.) com
5) (used in descriptions of things: a man with a limp; a girl with long hair; a stick with a handle; Treat this book with care.) com
6) (as the result of: He is shaking with fear.) de
7) (in the care of: Leave your case with the porter.) com
8) (in relation to; in the case of; concerning: Be careful with that!; What's wrong with you?; What shall I do with these books?) com
9) (used in expressing a wish: Down with fascism!; Up with Manchester United!) abaixo! / viva!
* * *
[wið, wiθ] prep 1 com. he lives with us / ele mora conosco. I carry everything with me / eu tenho, levo tudo comigo. he behaved with great discretion / ele portou-se com muita inteligência. he is ill with influenza / ele adoeceu com gripe. I am displeased with him / estou desgostoso com ele. in that you differ with me / nisto não concordo com você, sou de outra opinião. 2 por, a, em, de. what do you want with me? / o que você quer de mim? his eyes sparkled with joy / seus olhos brilharam de alegria. 3 a respeito de, apesar de, por meio de. 4 em relação a, relacionado com, como resultado de. dressed with silk trajado de seda. he is with it ele está na moda, está por dentro. it rests with you está em você. stiff with cold enregelado, duro de frio. this is a trifling circunstance with me isto é de pouca importância para mim. to be in favour with gozar da simpatia de. to get with it estar por dentro dos últimos acontecimentos, progressos, idéias, etc. to start with para começar. what with devido a, por causa de. with all speed a toda pressa. with bare feet descalço. with child grávida. with every one looking on sob o olhar de todos. with this com isto, a seguir. with young prenhe.

English-Portuguese dictionary. 2013.

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